About Me

Chloe Liliace hugging blåhaj

Chloe Liliace

Hey hey! My name is Chloe and I like everything audacious (but respectful). Your generic website template makes me yawn. I'd rather watch Frozen for the 158th time than buy
bottled water

Chloe Liliace in a striped sweater and a floral skirt

University of Toronto

Computer science specialist

Psychology major

Statistics minor

Chloe Liliace biting a rose in shades

Selected awards

UofT dean's list scholar 2020-22

Outstanding international student award

Legend's mission award: passion

Chinese journal award

Silver award on reddit

Chloe Liliace with wavy hair, a hair pin, and a choker


Pancurious genderfluid femme demiboy (any/all)

Taiwan2002 → Canada2014

First-gen university student

Optimistic nihilist


Chloe Liliace in a business meeting with Jeneya

Fields of interest

FOSS development

Computational linguistics

Social/cognitive psychology

System configurations

You 😊😊

Chloe Liliace playing the piano


Royal Conservatory of Music Level 10 Honours

Certificate in teaching

Adding Chopin to J-Pop

Learning jazz

basketball court in the snow


Basketball & table tennis

1st place in high school tournament

Loyal stan for Kobe Bryant and Lakers Nation

Chloe Liliace with a hammer tied into his hair doing the vibe check hand

System setup

Arch (soon to be Alpine)

MacBook Air (Early 2015)

Wayland (sway)

foot/tmux (bash)

See more!

Chloe Liliace cosplaying kaguya shinomiya from love is war

Other hobbies

Walking alone in the snowstorm at 1am

Polluting the npm registry

Volunteering for children

Setting the kitchen on fire

Simping other creators

toothy Chloe Liliace with a pair of nerd glasses

3 truths and no lies

I can crack 3 eggs at once

I own 15+ stuffed animals

Endgame was the first Marvel movie I watched

Chloe Liliace with a big smile

Things you can teach me

Self-love and appreciation

Checking in on friends

Giving and receiving compliments

and everything else :)